Research shows that pets are good for human health. HABRI is a key resource for this scientific information.

Understanding the Human-Animal Bond

When animals and humans connect, good things happen - it's that simple. Humans feel a general sense of support from animals as well and have been perceived to be happier and healthier in the presence of animals. The bond between animals and humans has extensive and beneficial psychological and physiological outcomes for both. These outcomes can be scientifically measured.

Benefits of the human-animal bond include: decreased blood pressure, reduced anxiety, and an enhanced feeling of well-being. Animals also benefit from their relationship with humans. It's been found that companionship and social support helps pets and animals live longer, healthier lives in addition to the type of quality care they would otherwise not receive.

Through HABRI's efforts to fund research to find and evaluate the benefits that result from the bond between humans and animals, we will be able to create and enhance a mutually beneficial system of family and community health.

HABRI Central

HABRI Central is a groundbreaking online hub that houses, classifies and archives research and information on the benefits of the human-animal bond. The center is maintained by Purdue University under the direction of the renowned scholar in human-animal bond studies, Dr. Alan Beck.

HABRI Central is a digital library and community hub for the study of human-animal interaction
Tools like HABRI Central's GeoSearch allow you connect with human-animal interaction specialists and organizations from all around the globe. Photo: HABRI Central

HABRI Central is the first and most comprehensive online hub for human-animal bond research, with more than 20,000 entries including full-texts of peer-reviewed journal articles, books, white papers, videos, datasets and more.

HABRI Central resources include veterinary medicine, nursing, psychology, sociology, law, academia, policymakers, and philosophy. The center houses and hosts user groups, blogs, expert video segments, newsletter, and more. Importantly, people from all disciplines are able to connect and share knowledge with others involved in the study of the human-animal bond.

HABRI Central Briefs

HABRI Central Briefs are peer-reviewed summaries of particular applications and issues within the field of human-animal interaction. Each Brief presents an overview of the subject matter, assesses the current state of research, and highlights unresolved questions or issues along with key resources for further reading. Subjects for HABRI Central Briefs are selected by the HABRI Central Editorial Board based on their relevance, generalizability, and importance within the field of human-animal interaction.

Current volumes explore: